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> Greetings and happy new year to my fellow sat-ops.  I thought I would try
here before searching the entire ‘net, for some tips in trouble shooting a
rotor problem.  My up/down link sat antennas are mounted on a common boom,
fixed el., above my HF yagi.  I turn all of it with a very old Ham IV rotor
and the original CDE controller.  Here is the problem. The rotor turns fine,
but there is no readout of direction.  This first began to occur
intermittently, then finally the needle just stopped moving while turning
the antennas.  I have checked the wiring at both ends and all seems in
order.  I am really hoping to avoid having to tear down the rotor, so any
suggestions on trouble shooting from “outside the case” would be greatly
> Thanks much.
> Craig
Hi Craig, N6RSK

If the needle of the potentiometer just stopped moving while turning the
antennas il means that the spring inside the motor hood is loosing contact
between the needle and the motor hood so that you must tear down the rotor
and open the hood to repait the spring:

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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