[amsat-bb] Re: Keeping Track of HO-68 et. al.

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Tue Jan 4 21:02:55 PST 2011

This also works very well with the AO-27 Java schedule lister...

Unlike the AO-27 website, the schedule lister allows you to look at, or 
print, the satellite's operating schedule for any FUTURE date.  Just print 
out a WinAOS schedule of visible passes and a scheduler list for each day, 
and you can quickly see which visible passes the satellite will turn "on" 
for your location.

(While my son & I have happily made the schedule lister available for free, 
if you find it useful, please consider making a reasonable donation to AMSAT 
as a "thank you")

George, KA3HSW

AO-27 Java Schedule Lister available at 

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>I thought this might be helpful to those trying to
> determine when HO-68 is workable from your qth.
> Every week on Sunday I use the program WinAOS in the
> Programs Menu of SatPC32 to generate a list of visible
> passes for all satellites that I operate.  I set the
> date for each day, starting at 0000 UTC.  I set the
> duration for just one day.  The printer font is set so
> one day fits on one page.  I repeat this for each day
> of the week.  When I'm done I have a piece of paper for
> each day of the week showing the satellites and the
> times/elevation/azimuth for LOS/AOS.  Then I go through
> the list and underline certain passes I want to be on.
> If there's an expedition, I mark the passes that seem
> optimum.
> When the HO-68 schedule comes out, it is a simple matter
> to run down through the times and match them up with the
> passes on my visible list printout.  I mark if it is linear
> or FM and make any notes as to what might be on a particular
> pass.  The pass times are fairly consistent so you know right
> away which ones will be on for your area.  There is usually
> one morning pass and two afternoon passes for EN91.
> WinAOS is just one of the many nice features of SatPC32.  WinListen
> will allow you to determine if there is a mutual window between two
> locations.  This is the way you get a contact with that distant
> station.  Determine the mutual windows and send them an email to
> hopefully arrange a schedule.
> SatPC32 is sold by AMSAT and helps support the organization.  DK1TB
> is the author and donated the program to AMSAT.  He provides updates
> and excellent technical support.  The program can run for weeks unattended
> and never crash.  This and the other programs like WinAOS and WinListen
> are great reasons to be using it at your station.
> 73,
> John K8YSE

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