[amsat-bb] Keeping Track of HO-68 et. al.

John Papay john at papays.com
Tue Jan 4 13:27:30 PST 2011

I thought this might be helpful to those trying to
determine when HO-68 is workable from your qth.

Every week on Sunday I use the program WinAOS in the
Programs Menu of SatPC32 to generate a list of visible
passes for all satellites that I operate.  I set the
date for each day, starting at 0000 UTC.  I set the
duration for just one day.  The printer font is set so
one day fits on one page.  I repeat this for each day
of the week.  When I'm done I have a piece of paper for
each day of the week showing the satellites and the
times/elevation/azimuth for LOS/AOS.  Then I go through
the list and underline certain passes I want to be on.
If there's an expedition, I mark the passes that seem

When the HO-68 schedule comes out, it is a simple matter
to run down through the times and match them up with the
passes on my visible list printout.  I mark if it is linear
or FM and make any notes as to what might be on a particular
pass.  The pass times are fairly consistent so you know right
away which ones will be on for your area.  There is usually
one morning pass and two afternoon passes for EN91.

WinAOS is just one of the many nice features of SatPC32.  WinListen
will allow you to determine if there is a mutual window between two
locations.  This is the way you get a contact with that distant
station.  Determine the mutual windows and send them an email to
hopefully arrange a schedule.

SatPC32 is sold by AMSAT and helps support the organization.  DK1TB
is the author and donated the program to AMSAT.  He provides updates
and excellent technical support.  The program can run for weeks unattended
and never crash.  This and the other programs like WinAOS and WinListen
are great reasons to be using it at your station.

John K8YSE

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