[amsat-bb] Re: HO-68 comments.

w4upd updwrb at bristor-assoc.com
Tue Jan 4 09:23:46 PST 2011

I resent being called a whinger! An observation was given and I 
concurred. I have no problem with them doing what they want since it is 
their satellite and I think everyone else feels the same. I stated a 
fact, and may help others hoping to hear certain areas of the country on 
the bird and not understand why they are not hearing them.  We have many 
other satellites to use and I endeavor to use them when I can.


     Reid, W4UPD
     Amsat: 17002

On 1/4/2011 4:50 AM, John Hackett wrote:
> Once again, I note the whinging about HO-68's orbit not being suitable for a particular station ... or two.
> I'd like to remind the gentlemen concerned that HO-68's on time is NOT designed to favour one particular area. Please remember, it's a Chinese satellite and we should abide by and respect their decision of when to activate the transponder.
> For my own use,the HO-68 late afternoon GMT 'on' times are optimum.
> Conversly, I 'could' complain about the ISS orbit - (but I don't) -only 'seeing it at max 6 degrees for 90 seconds every 2 days - (read: unworkable from my QTH), dirro SO-50, AO-27 and VO-52.
> What may be poor for one operator could be optimum for another.
> Please remember, the world consists of more than The United States Of America and Southern Europe.
> 73 John.<la2qaa at amsat.org>

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