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I use the Yaesu VX-7R for FM satellites, alone with no other radios, set up
on my qrz.com page.  (I have added a 9 volt, pre-amp at my receive point on
my Arrow antenna)    I program one memory channel, for the "split freqs" as
you said but then I use the "memory tune" function to work the FM birds.
(ones with no tone)   When you enable the memory tune function while using
your split frequency pair, you can then turn your tuning dial up and down to
adjust for Doppler and just transmit as you like, this really works great
and you only use one memory channel to work the pass.   The only problem is
the VX-7R does not pass tones in the memory tune mode, to pass tones you
have to use your split freq memory channel (without using the memory tune
function) or the VFO because for some reason memory tune does not allow you
to pass tones.   Ron @ customer service @ Yaesu did not  believe me at
first, he tested his test models, spoke to Japan and finally got back to me
and acknowledged that the memory tune function, will not pass tones.   For
me the memory tune function is better on FM birds that do not require a tone
because one programed memory channel, allows you to adjust for Doppler,
instead of 5 memory channels, each pre-programed for Doppler shift,
respectively being; 10+, 5+, 0, 5-, 10- over, at and below, the downlink

I Love the VX-7R, mine has been indestructible and indispensible for all
kinds of duty, almost 3 years old and the well-used, Lithium Ion battery
works as well today as it did new.  I don't think the VX-7R has the most
discriminating receiver in the history of hand helds but it's pretty good,
with a pre-amp, along with the Yaesu hand held mic, the rig allows me, good
and lightweight working conditions, while working remote, as compared to my
Yaesu FT-897D rig.  (costing many multiples more)   

73 de KI6RRQ
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VX-7R owners - to work the FM satellites, are you just programming "split
freqs" into single memory channels (per page 46-ish of the manual)?
Or is there a more esoteric method?
I have owned a VX-7R since the week they were released ... but have
neglected it far too long ...
Clint, K6LCS

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