[amsat-bb] WD9EWK's 2010 satellite QSO stats

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sun Jan 2 19:01:52 PST 2011


After seeing a few messages showing a breakdown of QSOs by
satellite for a few operators, I decided to go through my 
log after the end of the year and do the same thing.  I 
logged more satellite QSOs in 2010 (2704) than in any 
previous year.  Not only have I tried to be active from 
home (or close to it), I've been on whenever I've traveled 
away from home.  None of my QSOs in 2010 were made from 
fixed stations; all were completed with my portable gear.
As you've seen me write in many posts and probably have 
heard me say, working the satellites has been fun!

Here are some breakdowns of those 2704 QSOs...

QSOs by call sign:

2159 QSOs as WD9EWK
 377 QSOs as VA7EWK (July 2010)
 152 QSOs as XE2/WD9EWK (February and July 2010)
  16 QSOs as VA7EWK and WD9EWK (Canada/USA border, 8 July 2010)

QSOs by satellite:

 741 on AO-51 - 27.4%
 587 on AO-27 - 21.7%
 428 on SO-50 - 15.8%
 390 on HO-68 - 14.4% (311 in FM, 79 in SSB)
 227 on AO-7  -  8.4%
 211 on FO-29 -  7.8%
 105 on VO-52 -  3.9%
  15 on SO-67 -  0.6%

QSOs by mode:

2082 in FM  - 77.0%
 616 in SSB - 22.8%
   6 in CW  -  0.2%

Operated from:  7 US states (Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, 
                             Washington, Wisconsin) 
                1 Canadian province (British Columbia)
                1 Mexican state (Baja California)  
                2 US state boundaries (Illinois/Wisconsin, 
                1 international boundary (Canada/USA)
               38 grids (CN78, CN79, CN88, CN89, CN99, CO60, CO70, 
                         CO80, CO90, DM21, DM22, DM23, DM24, DM25, 
                         DM31, DM32, DM33, DM34, DM35, DM41, DM42, 
                         DM43, DM44, DM45, DM51, DM52, DM53, DM54, 
                         DM56, EM79, EN40, EN41, EN51, EN52, EN61, 
                         EN62, EN70, EN80)

My first QSO of 2010 was with Omar XE1AO on AO-51 (FM), operating
from Phoenix AZ (DM33xp/DM43ap) on 1 January 2010.  My last QSO 
of 2010 was with George WA5KBH on FO-29 (SSB) from north of Black 
Canyon City AZ (DM34we) on Friday (31 December) afternoon.  I 
thought I'd have more AO-51 QSOs than I did, but I'm not surprised
it has been the satellite with the most QSOs.  Despite all its
issues, AO-51 has been the most productive satellite for QSOs since
my first QSOs in late 2005.  HO-68 is generally not available in 
the evenings here in Arizona, which is a shame.  With that said, it
has been a very good performer since it was first activated in late
2009 - in FM and SSB. 

I know there are some who have traveled more and worked from more
places than I have in the past year.  K8YSE's road trip in September 
around Lake Superior comes to mind, as do ND9M's trips during the 
past year.  The only way I can approach what they have done on their 
trips would require more vacation time or winning lottery numbers.  
:-)  I have noticed more have taken up the challenge of working the
satellites away from home, a good thing. 

Since my trip to Dayton in May, I have taken my all-mode satellite
station anywhere I've gone.  I've been picking up more new call signs 
on the SSB passes throughout 2010, so there is hope for more activity 
on those satellites in 2011.  SSB activity may never match the level
of FM activity, but I'm happy I took the time to learn how to do that.  

Thanks to everyone for all the QSOs on the satellites throughout 
2010.  Happy 2011 to all, and 73!


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