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>  Hello all and HNY.
> There seems to be an Italian repeater inside 2m satellite band (145.850
> MHz) :
> maybe on air as satellite gateway ?
> 73 de Michel F6HTJ
Hi Michel , F6HTJ

Operating on 145.850 MHz with their repeater  they are into the SATELLITE
BAND and following the  IARU band-plan they interfere the International
Satellite Service !

Obviously the team "ondatelematica.it managing the above repeater is a very
and very IGNORANT TEAM in this matter !


Unfortunately in Italy the Communication Ministry do not take care on how
the frequency band is divided and managed inside between 144 to 146 MHz and
do not recognize by law the IARU Band-Plan so that every one can do
everything he want to do inside the 144 to 146 MHz band whithout any

In Italy the IARU Band Plan is only considered a "gentlement agreement "
wich in theory is followed only by the ARI members.

The ARI (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani) is the only filiation of IARU
in Italy but unfortunately in this country there are many other smaller
radioamateur associations that do not recognize the IARU International Radio
Union and since our Communication Ministry do not recognize the IARU band
plan as the only one to be used by law it follow a terrific chaos into the
amateur frequency bands in Italy.

WHAT A SHAME ............!

See belowe !


73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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