[amsat-bb] Re: fo-29

Dominic Hawken dominic at del.co.uk
Mon Feb 28 03:18:09 PST 2011

On 28/02/2011 10:48, jari.koivurinne at aina.net wrote:
>> so I know you all will laugh at me but what inverting means lsb down usb
>> up is this correct
> It means that the signal sideband is inverting upside down in the satellite.
> It inverts USB to LSB and LSB to USB. It also change your frequency
> polarity. If you increase your frequency at the uplink, it will get
> downwards the same amount at the downlink. It is "mirroring" all signals.
> And converting them to an other band at the same time.  :)

For the birds (and I'm relatively new to this as well) I transmit LSB 
and receive USB - am I correct in thinking this is the accepted default 
or does it vary from satellite to satellite?


Dominic G6NQO

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