[amsat-bb] Cruise ship operation newbie questions

Bryan Green kl7cn.w6 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 18:22:24 PST 2011

Hello, all:

Semi-active OSCAR user Bryan Green KL7CN/W6 here. I'm going on a cruise ship
in about a month leaving April 3 on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas,
cruising from San Juan to Barbados and back via a bunch of island nations.

I would love to emulate Allen N5AFV and operate maritime mobile from the
ship and from ports of call. However, I am not as knowledgeable as I would
like to be about how to go about this... properly. I am certain that I am
too late to obtain reciprocal licenses, but perhaps there are some places
where I could operate. I have read Allen N5AFV's excellent and very detailed
articles and I will attempt to obtain what I can for licenses. I also have
decent equipment for FM operations already.

Does anyone have any very recent experience, and perhaps in particular with
this cruise line? Royal Caribbean specifically calls out Amateur Radio gear
as prohibited, but I expect that with the proper permission it would be

Thank you in advance for any information! In any case I will be able to
operate in San Juan KP4 when we are not on the ship, so I'm excited about

-- bag

Bryan Green, op. KL7CN/W6

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