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Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
Sun Feb 27 13:26:06 PST 2011

Jim, some of us don't know your background.

Can you tell us what you are 'driving', where abouts you are geography wise,
how far off shore and where you are going ??

Thanks, Ted K7TRK

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We're progressing toward W6-land and should be there this coming
Wednesday. North America is solidly within many footprints now, and a
lot of contacts have been made. It's also surprising to me that several
of the passes I've been on have had no other signals even though the
footprint covered well into North America and I heard my downlinks quite


The seas have calmed considerably, but the winds have brought the wind
chill down into the 30s. That makes for some mighty cold passes!


Here's my planned op sked and the expected grid(s) for tomorrow, 27 Feb:


FO29 - 27/1106Z - CM15 or CM25, possibly both during the same pass

VO52 - 27/1745Z - CM25

AO27 - 27/2107Z - CM35

VO52 - 28/0305Z - Probably CM45

AO7 - 28/0324Z - Probably CM45

FO29 - 28/1013Z - CM54


These passes are during my business hours. I'll make them if I can.


AO27 - 27/2246Z - CM35 - Approximate turn on time

AO7 - 27/2343Z - CM35 - If in Mode B

FO29 - 28/0004Z - CM35

AO51 - 28/0013Z - CM35 - will miss the first few minutes to be on FO29

AO7 - 28/0130Z - CM35 - This is a likely one, but I can't be sure.

FO29 - 28/0149Z - CM35 - This is also a likely pass to make.


Here's a "maybe" pass:


VO52 - 27/1611Z - CM25 - It'll be low (4 degrees) and early here, which
is why it's a maybe...


CU on the birds!




Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC





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