[amsat-bb] Re: AO-27 vs. TS-2000

Rick - WA4NVM wa4nvm at comcast.net
Thu Feb 24 07:43:51 PST 2011

Hi Ted,

I had the same problem, so never worked AO-27 and SO-50 years ago.  Then
I took your approach, hooked up my IC-706MkIIG as the receiver, problem
solved.  So then installed an antenna switch to move the 440 antenna between
the Kenwood and Icom.  I programmed 145.850 in a memory for transmit
and move the Icom vfo manually to track the downlink.  I never change the
transmit frequency and use the computer program for antenna position only.

Your mobile rig should work just fine on the downlink if you don't have a 
long coax run.  I might add, I do have a preamp at my antenna also, like 
I use the TS-2000 "solo" for all other satellites.



> Looking for some advice, please
> Tried real hard to work AO27 on an 80 degree + pass this afternoon, using
> the TS 2000 in Sat Mode. No good results because of the 'birdies' inherent
> in the radio. (tried the narrow FM deal - no luck).  As I look at Page 103
> of the TS2000 manual I see that while using the main VFO at 436.799 that
> there is no rx possible. Since AO27's down link is at 436.795, it seems 
> that
> the 'birdie issue' is on the 440 side of the TS-2000.
> So, what I thought I would try on those 80+degree passes over me, is to 
> use
> a 2m/440 mobile rig on RX (with a dual band vertical realizing that the
> vertical is not optimum)l) and use the TS-2000 for Doppler TX. I can 
> program
> the mobile like the Clint HT step Doppler deal. This is all temporary but
> I'm so sick of AO51, I would like to try for some new grids. Need about 30
> for VUCC.
> Any TS2000 wizards out there would be appreciated
> 73, Ted
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