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Ted  I added a AR2 preamp at the antenna ,it did not stop the birdy but it allows me to hear through it{no duplex}.I cant hear my self until the signal passes the birdy but signals are there With the preamp when I transmitt It goes in bypass and the birdy wipes me out but in rx mode I can hear .
WA4HFN Damon
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Looking for some advice, please

Tried real hard to work AO27 on an 80 degree + pass this afternoon, using
the TS 2000 in Sat Mode. No good results because of the 'birdies' inherent
in the radio. (tried the narrow FM deal - no luck).  As I look at Page 103
of the TS2000 manual I see that while using the main VFO at 436.799 that
there is no rx possible. Since AO27's down link is at 436.795, it seems that
the 'birdie issue' is on the 440 side of the TS-2000.

So, what I thought I would try on those 80+degree passes over me, is to use
a 2m/440 mobile rig on RX (with a dual band vertical realizing that the
vertical is not optimum)l) and use the TS-2000 for Doppler TX. I can program
the mobile like the Clint HT step Doppler deal. This is all temporary but
I'm so sick of AO51, I would like to try for some new grids. Need about 30
for VUCC.

Any TS2000 wizards out there would be appreciated

73, Ted
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