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Mon Feb 21 18:50:59 PST 2011


It might be worth taking a look at SATPC32.  It supports the rig and handles
the Doppler issue automatically.  Because of limitations in the CAT control
you need to tune with the program rather than the knob, but that is easy to
get used to.


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I had a few questions about the operation of the Yaesu 736r.

1: I am on one of the SSB satellites (440/2 meters) - I hear my signal
coming back down and all seems fine. Shortly afterward the RX and TX
frequencies are not in sync so I need to adjust one of them to find and hear
myself again. Which is best to adjust RX or TX?

2: In trying to make life easier by using the Memories Recall (MR) on the
unit. I put in the frequencies of the centerband of each of the satellites.
It is easiest to quickly adjust my frequency by just selecting Memory Recall
1, 2, 3, etc. That works fine for the FM satellites, but I am locked into
that frequency on the SSB birds and I cannot use the VFO to adjust +/- my
frequencies. If I hit VFO I go back to the frequency I was using before I
did the Memory Recall. Is there a way to use the Sat Memories yet have the
VFO work when you get there without changing the Memory contents as you
would if you used the VFO/M button? Any tricks?

Thanks for your time.
- Bill KA4GDV - Orlando

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