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charlie Cantrill ki4rdt at yahoo.com
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These guys are great! I had the privilege of riding to the AMSAT symposium this year with Bob Twiggs and part of their team. Earlier last year when NASA flewtheir SOCEM mission (suborbital cubesat), it was a great ride. This one should be even better.
Keep you ears open for this bird. Unless something fails, it should do good.Also check out their Twitter and YouTube page for info about the mission:http://www.youtube.com/user/UKSpaceLab
Charlie KI4RDT
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So how come nobody is talking about Kysat-1 wich will be launched on Feb, 23???  A cubesat which will be FM!!! YAAAA!!!

http://ssl.engineering.uky.edu/missions/orbital/kysat1/about-kysat-1/  Kysat-1 website

http://www.vandenberg.af.mil/index.asp Vandenberg AFB website

Looks pretty real to me unlike the ARRISat which I think they should just zip tie to the outside of the spacestation somewhere!!! At least then it would last and they could play with it if need be. Anyway just thinking out loud.



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