[amsat-bb] Re: Fwd: 420 MHz in Jeopardy!

Nigel A. Gunn nigel at ngunn.net
Mon Feb 21 15:57:38 PST 2011

True, and in Europe, where thay only have a 10MHz wide band, ATV has 
gone to 23cM using FN, not AM. Makes old satellite TV receivers usable 
for the Rx side without modification other than a preamp.

I guess it would be a struggle getting all the US FM repeaters into 
433-435 and 438-440 but most in this area are unused anyway.

On 21-Feb-11 23:52, Ron Overdrive wrote:
> I'm not sure how worried people are over 420 - 430 since there's parts 
> of the US you can't operate in those 10 megs. Down there from what I 
> understand, though I could be wrong, is amateur TV. The important 
> thing is we don't lose the 430 - 440 segment because that's where a 
> lot of activity, satellite links included, happens on 70cm. Taking 
> away 450 - 470mhz would also essentially kill both the FRS and GMRS 
> bands as well which, while not always hams, is regularly used by 
> thousands of people.
> ~73, AC2RF Ron

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