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Subject: 420 MHz in Jeopardy!

I received this info from one of the D-STAR groups about the 420 MHz band 
and thought I would pass it along. 

Rick - KA2BSM 
Subject: 420 band auction imminent if HR 607 passes 

I think we need to be aware of this issue, since our repeater system lives 

This is being done "in order to offset the loss of revenue that would occur 
as the result of the allocation of the D-Block to Public Safety instead of 
commercial auction".  

So they are giving away some spectrum that they said they would auction, and 
we get to pay the price for it. 

This bill was introduced by the Horable Peter King, R-NY District #3. 

Read more about Congresman King's spin on this plan here.  


Note that there is NO MENTION of the 420-450 and 450-470 bands in his press 
release, and they are in a footnote in the bill (oh, by the way, we can make 
up the revenue shortfall by auctioning off these frequencies...) So these 
bands will be sacrificed to pay for the reallocation of the spectrum that 
was previously cleared by TV Broadcasters for acution in the name of 
"Homeland Security".  

The 450 band contains Broadcasting Remote Pickup and Studio to Transmitter 
links along with other coordinated use. 420 to 450 is our 70cm amateur 


*Spectrum Management Bill Threatens Amateur Frequencies* 

*On February 10, Representative Peter King (R-NY-3), Chairman of the House 
Homeland Security Committee, introduced HR 607, the **Broadband for First 
Responders Act of 2011**. The bill been referred to the House Energy and 
Commerce Committee, which handles telecommunications legislation. * 

*HR 607 addresses certain spectrum management issues, including the creation 
and maintenance of a nationwide Public Safety broadband network. As part of 
that network, the bill provides for the allocation of the so-called 
"D-Block" of spectrum in the 700 MHz range for Public Safety use.* 

*The D-Block consists of two, 5 megahertz-wide segments of **spectrum 
(758-763 and 788-793 MHz) that became available when the FCC ended analog 
television broadcasts in June 2009 and reallocated the 698-806 MHz band for 
Public Safety and commercial broadband. It was anticipated that the D-Block 
would be auctioned for commercial use. * 

*There are several bills in Congress providing for the allocation of the 
D-Block for Public Safety use, and HR 607 is one of those. But HR 607 
uniquely provides for the reallocation of other spectrum for auction to 
commercial users, in order to offset the loss of revenue that would occur as 
the result of the allocation of the D-Block to Public Safety instead of 
commercial auction. * 

*HR 607 lists the paired bands of 420-440 MHz and 450-470 MHz among the 
bands to be reallocated for commercial auction within 10 years of its 
passage. * 

Read more 
here< http://www.arrl.org/news/spectrum-management-bill-threatens-amateur-frequencies >

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