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Mon Feb 21 09:11:13 PST 2011

> Thats my 2 cents worth  AGAIN
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I've worked the fm birds and listen to them, even in Africa (well just listened so far) and I am really not sure what people are expecting is going to happen on a single channel device that has a comparatively low access threshold (meaning lots of people can work it) and apparently "enjoy" working it.  

Put another way...I dont see how things change or even what they would change to given the technology.

A while back someone likened the FM birds to a DX situation and thats probably not all that bad.   In a way the people who are "good" at getting contacts on those birds (even with high power) are "good"...they have the right equipment, they know what "works" and can make it "work" and its "their cup of tea".  It is not mine but as long as folks are building and flying FM single channel birds I suspect this is what it is going to be like...and my theory is "have fun".

My argument with AMSAT and others is that the organization should be leading by pushing more linear devices AND birds with larger footprints.  Where I think things got off track badly was with the notion of AO-40...the theory that we had to build a satellite that people could work "worldwide" with not much antenna and other equipment.  Oscar 10 and 13  (along with Arsene) in my view is about the baseline satellite that AMSAT should be building and trying to lead the satellite movement.  As long as "baseline" satellite access is a handitalkie with a long whip...we are not going to see much different in my view nor should we expect it

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