[amsat-bb] Re: LOTW - improperly coded satellite contacts?

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Feb 21 08:07:27 PST 2011

Hi Bill!

> I just upload several hundred sat contacts to LOTW.  Many matches were returned,
> BUT many of them were credited for "VUCC 144 mhz" or "VUCC 432 mhz" and NOT
> for "VUCC Satellite", which is how they should be credited.
> Does this mean that the person on the other side of the QSO did not properly
> encode the log entry as a satellite QSO?  Or is there some glitch in the LOTW
> program?  I would have guessed that, if I encoded the QSO as Satellite and the
> guy on the other side did not, it would not show as a match at all.

Most likely, the other station didn't include one or both of the fields
used to mark a QSO as a satellite QSO (Propagation Mode, Satellite
Name).  I've seen this on a handful of QSOs I've uploaded in the past
few weeks.

> Anyone know how this is handled?

Assuming your log has all the necessary fields for a satellite QSO (all
of the QSLs I've gotten from you are showing as satellite QSOs, so I
don't think your logs are missing anything), there is only one way to fix
this - the other station has to upload the QSO record(s) again, this time
making sure those additional ADIF fields are in their log.  As long as the
other QSO details like date, time, your call, etc. are the same, the new
upload replaces what was originally uploaded.

If the other station's log has the satellite-related fields, then an e-mail to
lotw-help @ arrl.org is necessary.  There could be errors in how ARRL's
database queries run to match up QSO records and make QSLs.  ARRL
will not fix problems with other stations' log uploads, and everything has
to be in there correctly in order to use the resulting QSLs toward awards.
I found this out recently, as I accumulated just enough grids from satellite
QSOs to apply for my satellite VUCC using LOTW.  It's been almost 2
weeks since I filed for that, and hopefully there is some movement with
my application soon.



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