[amsat-bb] LOTW - improperly coded satellite contacts?

Bill Dzurilla billdz.geo at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 06:36:43 PST 2011


I just upload several hundred sat contacts to LOTW.  Many matches were returned, BUT many of them were credited for "VUCC 144 mhz" or "VUCC 432 mhz" and NOT for "VUCC Satellite", which is how they should be credited.

Does this mean that the person on the other side of the QSO did not properly encode the log entry as a satellite QSO?  Or is there some glitch in the LOTW program?  I would have guessed that, if I encoded the QSO as Satellite and the guy on the other side did not, it would not show as a match at all.

Anyone know how this is handled?

73, Bill NZ5N


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