[amsat-bb] pre amp help

Edward R. Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Wed Feb 16 15:05:19 PST 2011

Since I have a dozen NE334S01, I can repair a few ARR 144 & 432 
preamps for others.

So here's the deal.  You ship to me in a small flat-rate Priority 
Mail box (cost you $5.20) and include $30 for repair plus return 
shipping.  You can either send a money order or use PayPal for 
quickest turnaround (a check will have to clear the bank before 
shipping back).  NO VISA/Mastercard/other credit cards (sorry).

Typically, priority mail takes 3-5 days to reach me.  I will make the 
repair within 48-hours of receipt.  So turnaround could be as little 
as 8-days or as much as 12 days (not including Sunday or Postal Holidays).

I can verify operation (gain) but not able to measure noise figure or 
sensitivity.  I can only warrantee workmanship that the preamp is 
functional for 30-days.  No warrantee for transmitting into the 
preamp or reversing dc voltage connections or dropping off your 
tower.  I will not accept preamps that have been previously repaired 
by other than the manufacturer.  Replacement of other components 
beside the Fet are at cost+15% (e.g. bad voltage regulator, broken 
feedthru, etc.).  Not responsible for loss in shipment so include 
insurance if you desire that.  If preamp is unrepairable, only cost 
$5.20 shipping back to you (balance will be refunded).

This offer is good until I run out of current stock of NE334S01 devices.

For comparison, ARR will charge $22.50 plus shipping UPS.  I can not 
do Factory Warranty work; contact ARR for that.

If anyone objects my sending out this e-mail - then don't read it 
(LOL).  This is not a commercial business - a ham helping other hams!

73, Ed - KL7UW, WD2XSH/45
BP40IQ   500 KHz - 10-GHz   www.kl7uw.com
EME: 144-1.4kw*, 432-100w, 1296-testing*, 3400-winter?
DUBUS Magazine USA Rep dubususa at hotmail.com
*temp not in service 

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