[amsat-bb] RE;....2401MHZ Beacon query

Charlie -K3VDB- ceheisler at comcast.net
Thu Feb 10 11:09:47 PST 2011

         Hello AMSAT;.......Regarding my earlier message copied below 
asking for reports
of the usage of our 2401MHZ beacon.

We have received sufficient positive reports to continue to maintain 
this 24/7 beacon.

I would like to thank all that responded with your comments and hope 
to hear from you
from time to time with signal and TLM reports.

         Charlie K3VDB

----------------Quoted Message---------------------------------

          Hello AMSAT;......I am trying to determine if the W3HMS 
beacon on 2401MHZ
is being use by the Satellite community located in South Central PA.
We have not received any reports for some time and will not continue 
to support it if not needed.

          It Is located in FM19qv (S/E of York PA.).

          For those who are not familiar with it, it has been on 24/7
for >3 years and located at 1000ft on a 130ft tower. Its output is 1W
to a RHCP Lindenblad Ant. Its CW Message contains 5 Telemetering (TLM)
channels and about 15 sec of solid carrier
(then it repeat). A spread sheet TLM decoder is available on request. The
beacon is useful for Receive system testing and propagation analyzing etc.

The 2401MHZ beacon is co-located with a 1296MHZ beacon and a 5760MHZ beacon.

          More info is available at k3vdb at amsat.org

          Please Let me know if any of these beacons are useful to you!!!


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