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>>  ... Clint.  When ARISSAT is released it will stay in the "Plane" of ISS 
 orbit...they will toss it retrograde meaning in the opposite direction of 
the  velocity vector and with its slightly lower velocity the orbit will 
start to  decrease...this is done so that very quickly the orbits will stop 
being "prox  ops" reasonably fast.  

Great, succinct info - MANY  thanks!

Clint, K6LCS

Hmm.  This is a bit of a brain teaser...
So if the satellite is deployed towards the rear of the ISS, it's  velocity 
will be slightly lower. 
So does that mean it will go to a lower orbit- (Same as firing retros  to 
If so, then I believe as the orbit altitude is reduced, the apparent  
velocity increases.....(??) which will cause ARISsat-1 to 'move ahead' of the  
ISS over a few hours
But didn't we say the velocity would be less than the ISS due to the method 
 of deploying it against the velocity vector ?
Time for me to have a Tuna sandwich. We all know it's probably full of  
Dolphin...and they are really clever.
David G0MRF

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