[amsat-bb] Re: Satpc32 and Azimuth only > rotors? Functional?

Bill Dzurilla billdz.geo at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 8 23:42:02 PST 2011


I use a single 2' long Elk antenna with 15 degrees fixed elevation.  It works well.  See photos at: http://www.myhamshack.com/NZ5N/Pictures/.

Some suggest 20 or even 30 degrees fixed elevation but that's too much.  You want low fixed elevation so you will have good gain on sats when they are at very low elevation (when they are furthest away and you have an opportunity for the best available DX).

In my humble opinion, a pair of Gulf Alphas on a cross-boom with az-el rotation would be overkill for what is up in the air now.  With just the Elk, I have worked Holland from south Florida (7400 km) via AO-7 at 1.5 degrees.  The world DX record on AO-7 is 7766 km.  I do have a mast-mounted preamp, which greatly helps.

I use an old TV rotor for azimuth rotation.  It cannot be controlled with SatPC32.  The program probably is able to control some types of azimuth-only rotors, but I do not have the details.  SatPC32 does automatically control your rig's frequency to adjust for doppler, which is highly valuable on the linear sats.

73, Bill NZ5N

> From: zach hillerson <qstick333 at yahoo.com>
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> rotors?  Functional?
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> I am getting closer to putting my first satellite base
> station together (in lieu of the Arrow that I am currently
> using) and am giving serious consideration to a fixed 15*
> antenna setup such as the Gulf Alpha designs.? Having never
> mounted antennas, rotors etc... I am a bit concerned about
> my less than amazing mechanical aptitude and having to get
> cross-booms, Az/El rotors etc... working correctly.? 
> Is anyone using SatPc32 to successfully control Azimuth
> only rotors?? If so, what is required to get everything
> working together?? I would still like to automate the rotor
> and doppler control if at all possible.? 
> On a somewhat related note - is anyone else using a setup
> like this (fixed elevation) and if so, are you happy with
> the performance?? 
> Thanks for any thoughts, I appreciate the input,
> Zach


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