[amsat-bb] Satpc32 and Azimuth only rotors? Functional?

zach hillerson qstick333 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 7 18:38:42 PST 2011

I am getting closer to putting my first satellite base station together (in lieu of the Arrow that I am currently using) and am giving serious consideration to a fixed 15* antenna setup such as the Gulf Alpha designs.  Having never mounted antennas, rotors etc... I am a bit concerned about my less than amazing mechanical aptitude and having to get cross-booms, Az/El rotors etc... working correctly.  

Is anyone using SatPc32 to successfully control Azimuth only rotors?  If so, what is required to get everything working together?  I would still like to automate the rotor and doppler control if at all possible.  

On a somewhat related note - is anyone else using a setup like this (fixed elevation) and if so, are you happy with the performance?  

Thanks for any thoughts, I appreciate the input,



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