[amsat-bb] Re: Recorder battery died - anyone have a recording?

Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL vlfiscus at mcn.net
Mon Feb 7 11:30:51 PST 2011

At 09:15 AM 2/7/2011 -0500, Roger Kolakowski <Rogerkola at aol.com> wrote:
>And this is where it SHOULD stand...this is a hobby...it is for personal
>satisfaction, not for every Tom, Dick and Harry to criticize in open
>forum without knowing the personal circumstances.
>If you want to criticize something that affects Satellite Operations...
>lets start listing the call signs of the alligators and misfits on the
>FM sats and discuss their operating "conditions."
>Its easy to jump on the little guy...let's see if one of you wants to
>take on the REAL problems...
>Ed...this is not intended for you...I think you quote was a fair summation.

I'm not sure why everyone is arguing about this. It happened on an FM bird, 
so  it really doesn't matter.  They'll probably work each other again a 
couple dozen times over the next 30 days and when they do, they'll thank 
each other again for the NEW grid...

Just like everyone does else there.


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