[amsat-bb] Re: Recorder battery died - anyone have a recording?2/5/2011

Edward R. Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sun Feb 6 19:05:07 PST 2011


At 05:10 PM 2/6/2011, Zachary Beougher wrote:
>>Neither Nigel or I said that.
>Sorry I didn't clarify - I was referring to your opinion on the use of
>recorders in general.
>What has me a little confused right now is why some DO NOT think it is okay
>to use someone else's recording.  In the case of a recorder failing because
>of dead batteries, you can't blame that on the op - his recorder died.
>There is nothing wrong with WHAT recording he uses.  Why does K8YSE post all
>those recordings to his website?  I understand what everyone says about not
>using someone else's recording because your receiving was bad, you went behind
>the tree or house, or something else that is dependent upon the operators
>station, and I agree.  But a recorder going dead is no one's fault - its
>dead.  Find another recording if possible and log it.  I wouldn't consider
>using someone else's recording as they are logging it for you.

Because it didn't record what your radio 
heard.  It is not your contact if your radio does 
not do all the Tx and Rx.  How can we know if you 
heard anything?  Because you say so?  OK, then in 
that case you need to record what "you" or your 
equipment heard.  A contact is valid of your 
equipment processes the information 
communicated.  Not what someone else hears.  Are you getting the idea?

>I respect all of the opinions here - different opinions and ideas help
>develop the hobby.  We need to keep in mind this is a HOBBY - hobbies are
>supposed to be enjoyable.  There are definitely rules and regs that must be
>followed, but I don’t think it's worthwhile to get caught up in WHOSE
>recording you use, what antenna you use, how you say your call sign, etc.,
>etc.  Let's just enjoy the hobby!

Lets say your hobby is playing chess and someone 
else moves one of your chess pieces for you and 
you win.  Did you win or did you cheat?  By 
accepting a necessary piece of information (to 
complete the contact) from another source than 
your station, it's considered "cheating".  You 
didn't do all the contact by yourself.  You had assistance.

Like I said in my original post, if you are just 
enjoying making contacts and they do not count 
toward some record or award or in a contest, then 
it doesn't matter as long as it is sufficient for your enjoyment.

>With that I am going to sign with you all on this discussion.....

Yeah, really not wanting to beat you up on this 
topic.  Just provide some understanding.

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