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Dee morsesat at optonline.net
Sun Feb 6 12:28:53 PST 2011

Trying to find my AO-40 log book- I took it out to verify that I had made a
first day QSO---Found my original combined pre-AO-40 logbook withFO-29,
FO-20, AO-21, AO-27, AO-10, RS-12, AO-12(JAS-1), RS-10/11, & AO-13 QSO's in
it.  Wow-teary eyed yes---Many 60 minute + QSO's  many Nets and other great
contacts...Still looking for my AO-40 logbook- here somewhere...
Keep the faith guys, there is bound to be something in the future that will
allow us to enjoy HEO's again..we'll turn that corner soon...
Dee, NB2F
Meanwhile, Go Giants (?) oops..didn't make it this year.

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Hi All,

> You guys are making me all teary-eyed!  I loved that bird, especially 
> for
all the "challenges" it presented.

Ughh..      this really hit's me hard and I'm getting very sentimental
reading all email's to this topic.
But it gives me also

The launch campaign in french Guiana, were I was staying in Kourou for more
than quarter of the year, and the re-birth of AO-40 on Christmas were the
most exciting days in my life.

I haven't made many contacts, I was more among the "listeners" and enjoyed
the fun.

It's sometimes very frustrating to me that 10 years after the launch of
AO-40 we still haven't got P3-E into orbit.
We have been going to many up's and down's during this time, but we are not
giving up.
There are new challenges we are working on presently and some of them give
us a good hope of success.
Indeed and I'm sorry for that, It has been very quiet about the progress of
P3-E in the last year.
While most mechanical work is done, there was also progress on the
electronics, mostly the IHU.
However, one of the biggest challenges is indeed funding and a launch we can
That's where we a concentrating most of our efforts and time at the moment

Indeed, we need the support of the community. There will only a P3-E, if we
all really want it..

If you want to support P3-E, than please visit
http://www.p3e-satellite.org/?lang=en_EN and make a direct donation to the
project - THANKS!

73s Peter, DB2OS

Peter Gülzow
President AMSAT-DL

Hi Peter, DB2OS

In my opinion AO40 was the best satellite ever made by AMSAT-DL and it was
very fun until lasted.

We all hope that AMSAT-DL will find a launch opportunity with ESA and a
ARIANE-5 launcher with P3-E inside the SPELDA adapter as soon as possible.

Pulling for P3-E ! !

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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