[amsat-bb] Recorder battery died - anyone have a recording? 2/5/2011

Michael Elliott k4moa at frontier.com
Sun Feb 6 10:07:10 PST 2011

Hello to the group -

My recorder battery died during a pass of AO-51 yesterday (2/5/2011) I think
the pass was approximately 18:53 UTC - it was a mainly east coast pass.  I
made a contact with WP3T, I believe, which is why I rely so much on my
recorder.  Many of you know how bad I mess up calls so I may have the suffix
of the call incorrect.  I just failed to notice the battery was running
low.   If anyone may be able to help me out I would appreciate it...

Thanks in advance and I hope everyone enjoys the 10 hours of Super Bowl


Michael, K4MOA

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