[amsat-bb] ARISSat 1 & Funcube Telemetry Question: DBPSK vs BPSK

Iain Young, G7III g7iii at g7iii.net
Sun Feb 6 03:36:20 PST 2011

Hi All,

Just a quick clarification needed by me on the Telemetry format that is
going to be used by ARISSat-1 and Funcube (& I guess the Funcube boards
onboard UKube-1...)

Lots of places are referring to it as BPSK1000, but I have seen
references claiming it is DBPSK. Can someone clarify if it is
Differential BPSK, or "just" plain old BPSK as used before, but at 1000
BPS, rather than 400 ?

Reason for asking is that I have a USRP, and use gnuradio, along with
the gnuradio-companion. That has DBPSK blocks built in, but pure BPSK
would take a little more work (possibly just routing the output to a
loopback soundcard, and then running decoding software)



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