[amsat-bb] DL7VTX Update

Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 5 07:46:18 PST 2011

Hi All,

I have been emailing back and forth with Jens, DL7VTX, over the past day or so, and he wanted me to fill you all in on a few of his trip details.

Message 1:

Hi Zack ,

Tnx qso & qsl , I will send qsl  direct if printed  in abt 1..2 month . Was vy enjoyed working via sats during   hikes at this very beautiful small tropical island . Had always good takeoffs either at sea - level or in 500...860 mtrs elevation .

RIG : 2 Watts RF ; Handheld Kenwood TH-D7E & RH-770 telescope duoband ant.. see pictures 

I also had  several aprs-contacts  via NO-44 , once  via  ISS and once  to KP4 digi from top of Saba-Isl.
vy 73s , best wishes and cul de Jens , dl7vtx 

Message 2:

Hello Zack ,

Yes please feel free to foward this  to the amsat-bb board .

additional info :

I wkd as many as 40 diffrent stns. via AO-27 and AO-51 from Saba - Isl. and Saint Marteen , last day at 29.th Jan.2011 also from Sint Maarten PJ7 Maho-Beach     but only last reachable orbit of AO51   not got through the jam of stations at saturday night of course anymore ,sri.

>From PJ6 I  wkd. many W1,2,3,4,5, 8,9,0    , also FY,VE3, YV,KP4,TI,HI,HK,CO , EA8 

hrd W7 fm DN45 ,DN42    PY and LU  but not got trough the commercial-qrm or qro-jam at that time of orbits when real dx > 3000 miles would be possible .

Was real fun work all you folks  in this hemisphere - while try to make contacts  via FM-SATs & ISS  aprs-digi    with qrp  its much harder or  really not possible at all in Central - Europe due to qrm ..

RIG : 2 Watts RF ; Handheld Kenwood TH-D7E & RH-770 telescope duoband ant.   DC-Pwr. 4 x R6 AA Battery-Pack .

  . PJ6 / PJ7 /FS  QSLs ready in March 2011, promised  
qsl via HC DL7VTX ;  info  at qrz.com or via bureau

73s Jens DL7VTX      

my activity in DL   see :    www.df0yy.de    and   @findu.com/dl7vtx-1



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