[amsat-bb] 2401 MHZ Beacon usage request

Charlie -K3VDB- ceheisler at comcast.net
Fri Feb 4 15:55:24 PST 2011

                 Hello AMSAT-BB;......I am trying to determine if the 
W3HMS beacon on 2401MHZ is being use by the Satellite community 
located in South/Central PA. We have
not received any reports for some time and will not continue to 
support it if not needed.

         It Is located in FM19qv (S/E of York PA.) It has been heard 
in MD and NJ.

         For those who are not familiar with it, it has been on 24/7 
for >3 years and located at 1000ft on a 130ft tower. Its output is 1W 
to a RHCP Lindenblad Ant. Its CW Message
contains 4 Telemetering channels and about 15 sec of solid carrier 
(then it repeat).
A spread sheet decoder is available on request. The beacon is useful 
for Receive system testing and propagation analyzing etc.

The 2401MHZ beacon is co-located with a 1296MHZ beacon and a 5760MHZ beacon.
The ID message and telemetering is common to all 3 beacons.

         More info is available from k3vdb at amsat.org

         Please Let me know if any of these beacons are useful to you!!!

         Charlie K3VDB

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