[amsat-bb] Launch Opportunity To All Balloon Groups, Or Individuals!

Steve D sbd64000 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 14:18:34 PST 2011





Forwarded by Steve G6UIM


Launch Opportunity To All Balloon Groups, Or Individuals!

This will be a launch opportunity that will be for most if not all the 
balloon groups a once in a lifetime opportunity!

A few people on these lists already know about this. I am now trying to 
hit all the lists that I know of. If you know of anyone that may be 
interested please forward this on to them.

In the spirit of cooperation between all the balloon groups, Like the 
Four to Six groups did from those early days over 20 years ago now. 
Where every flight that happened all the groups all joined in helping 
each other to make sure the flight was successful. There were only a 
dozen or so flights each YEAR! Now sometimes in one weekend, there are 
more flights happening, than what would have happened for the whole year 
back in those old days!

After MUCH thought, and deliberation, in the spirit of the fellow 
founders of this extremely fun activity we do. I have decided to open 
this flight opportunity to anyone and everyone.

Anyway, I at first thought of using this opportunity for myself to grab 
and smash for all time the maximum altitude record. But then I also 
thought, maybe while that is cool, but at the same time an awful waste 
of this opportunity. And this will be a one time flight! I know myself 
for sure could never ever even come close to doing a flight like this 
again. The Balloon alone when purchased cost close to $2800.00 Yikes!

So I got to thinking of instead of simply grabbing the all time and 
probably forever maximum altitude record. I thought maybe open up this 
opportunity to all the groups anywhere to propose a payload to fly on it.

For more details visit the address below.

Any proposals I get I will post on that web site for everyone to examine.

Near Space Sciences




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