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AO-24 was in a low inclination orbit. Probably a transfer orbit inclination 
 of 2 -5 degrees. I recall the transponder output was up near 2450MHz.
It was very high and had excellent coverage. I believe it failed because it 
 went into a planned shutdown due to something like eclipse or temp etc.  
Unfortunately it never switched back on.
While it was there it was very good. A bit low in the sky if you lived  
above or below 60N or 60S but nice and easy to track. Like AO-40 it was always  
in the southern sky from here.
When we talk about 10 million to launch it's worth remembering that the  
approach that has shrunk usable satellites to 1-3U cubesats can also be 
applied  to MEO or GTO / HEO sats.  Arianespace may no longer be flying test  
flights, but Falcon 9 will go to GTO (and needs to be tested) as will the new  
Indian launcher. There are new satellites going en-mass to 20,000km too. A 
ride  share with Galileo etc may be just as good.
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> The  interesting question is is how much will AMSAT members be willing to
>  invest in ground stations. A 3U cubesat could provide a HEO satellite
>  similar to Arsene (AO-24).
> 73,
> John

That's a great point, John, and an interesting analogy, which  I'd not
heard about before. Does anyone have recollections and  experiences
with AO-24 that they could share?

73,  Bruce



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