[amsat-bb] Fw: AO40 contacts

chris pellenz pellenzc at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 18:50:57 PST 2011

by the way...
I for one have absolutely no interest in FM...
completely misses the challenge IMO...

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I never made any contacts via AO-40.
I was still preparing my station... I was busy being
happy about my MIR packet contact... (I made the ANS one time)
I still have a couple K5GNA downconverters...
with the filter kits (as yet uninstalled)
If we could get another in orbit I could use this 
stuff again... Ive been waiting a long time... 
Im sorta giving up on the project.. .so much $ and no
results.. we really could use a HEO sat...  I would be back..
I still show the kids the keps and the signs.. but with only 5 
minutes to make a contact amongst a crowd im  just shoved 
out of the way.. .

Will we ever see another HEO sat??



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