[amsat-bb] Re: AO40 contacts

Edward R. Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Thu Feb 3 15:51:48 PST 2011

I was on AO-40 from its launch, initially running mode US, then mode 
LS (I bought one of the few DEMI 1268/144 Tx converters that were 
made).  I made several contacts after I got my s-band downlink 
working.  Initially, I was using too small an antenna and did not 
have a decent preamp.  Once I graduated to the 85cm (33-inch) offsst 
feed dish and added a MKU-232 preamp, I was able to hear anyone.  I 
spent a long time collecting telemetry and could do so out to a 
squint angle of 49-degrees.

It really is a shame that there was no workaround for the battery 
issue or even run on solar panels like AO7.  But this was before AO7 
reawakened to provide that insight.  I lived and waited long years 
for AO-40 and unfortunately wasted time I could have operated on AO-13.

Now I have all the stuff needed to work a Heo and hardly anywhere to 
use it (I bought one of the early FT-847 just for AO-40).  I would 
say a lot of the operators of the Heo years have gone away from 
satellite activity (some remain lurking on Amsat-bb wishing upon a 
star ...or a hope and a prayer).

I will return, if Murphy will leave me alone long enough!  But I 
mainly operate Oscar-Zero now days.

73, ED - KL7UW

At 11:04 AM 2/3/2011, Floyd Rodgers wrote:
>Did anyone manage to bag any contacts off A040 before it's sad event?
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