[amsat-bb] ""you may as well use Skype..."

Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Thu Feb 3 01:10:12 PST 2011

On 3 Feb 2011 at 7:53, Gordon JC Pearce wrote:

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>  I wonder if they're the
> same crowd that only ever use macros on PSK31 - "YOUR RST 599 599 HOW
> COPY? MNY THX FER QSO" - you may as well use Skype...
> Gordon MM0YEQ

"you may as well use Skype..."

You can add also MSN chat, Twitter, Face Book all are related to the internet and many Hams leave amateur radio and they are now on the 

On a LEO sat with a 10 minute window you are normally restrain to this kind of exchange and also here you can add "MY GRID IS XX##ZZ PLEASE 
GIVE ME YOUR GRID" On some occasion you can have a less crowded pass usually the very early one 0300 to 0600 am but there is a catch 22 
here you are often alone on the birds with the exception of those who are living on the north eastern coast of North America who can reach 
europe or those who can use AO-7

There is here a GRID frenzy with not some  DXpedition but Girdexpedition. A new trend who was not there in the AO-40 era as the demand was 
not there at that time.

The focus put on KISS station in a way to recruit new satellite operator is not bad if this new operator goes beyond his KISS station IMHO.

What is the motivation for some to operate on LEO satellite? The "exotic" mode and bands? The pleasure to achieve an OSCAR class station?

There is one thing the internet cannot provided "exoticism" be able to feel something and being able to have a direct relation with 
something we build and something we can directly use and watch performing at the same time.

There is new modes actually growing DSTAR, DRM, DIGITAL VOICE (FDMDV) is this can be an alternative to those who wants something else? or 
will we be facing with this alternative, overcrowded single channel satellite pass? Where is the place for experimenting on the actual LEO 
fleet? Our licence was not created for "experimenting"?

Gordon your  "you may as well use Skype..." take now a new sense not a non sense!
P.S. i'm on skype and DSATR on VE2FCT repeater and on reflector REF016 B when the repeater is "busy" i just make a mobile QSO last Sunday 
with Gerard PA1AT with a 599 Q5 signal on DSTAR If communicating is the goal there is a way to mixed internet with the radio Is this is 
possible on the satellite YES on AO-27 and possibly on some other sat commanding team wise...

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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