[amsat-bb] Re: CH-19 11 Meters

Joe Krepps joeshari at verizon.net
Wed Feb 2 20:44:48 PST 2011

Roger Kolakowski <Rogerkola at aol.com> wrote:

> No...constructive criticism would have been more appropriate...that
> isn't what you received...grab the grid and move on...time is too short,
> enjoy the hobby!

Why reward Ted's harsh sarcasm with what he wants?!?! Let him get Kevin's  
grid from someone else who prefers sarcasm broadcast to everyone in the  
bird's footprint!

That was really poorly handled. I have yet to make my first satellite  
contact and I will NOT have the benefit of full duplex, like Kevin. Ted  
couldn't you have been an Elmer or is your "sense of humor" more  
important? Just checking before I give it a shot.

Back to HF,
Joe WB3CFN <-Grateful for actual Elmers, like Clint, Drew and several  

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