[amsat-bb] Re: FM Birds

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 2 10:59:57 PST 2011

>> ...  I agree FM birds are out of control and something needs to be done to make it a ham band again ...

One might think - after reading these "anti-FM-bird-operators" posts - that there would be massive problems with sat ops in, say, in the most populous region of the most populous state in the U.S. - Southern California.

I am proud to state that there are NO such widespread problems emanating from this region. We have more hams - and more people - and consequently more potential for problems. But those "problems" have been very few and far between.

This might be a "perception" problem, too. I mean, one person's anger at a "pile-up" is another person's excitement at the "challenge" of working the birds.

And so it goes ...

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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