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Dee morsesat at optonline.net
Wed Feb 2 07:56:40 PST 2011

Everyone makes mistakes.
There is about 10 reams of instructions available on www.AMSAT.org about
using FM satellites--Read and ask questions..I give many talks and always
have similar questions because people do need some instructions....Good luck
on the sats and enjoy them because of the hard work of a few people that
volunteer their time to put them together for "US."  Please join AMSAT when
you start to feel guilty..Hi, Hi...

This reminds me of when Owen Garriot, W5LFL, was first on the Shuttle.  The
uplink and the downlink were very much confused by people trying to contact
him.  Speaking of chaos - everyone that transmitted on the downlink was
harshly reprimanded and caused many moments of listening time abuse.  The
unhamly comments and language heard was enough to turn anyone off about Ham
Radio.  What a mess....

Rule of thumb?  Listen to a few passes-learn the technique in use - then use
it yourself....  AND  Be  K I N D  to each other.  Get your 2 or so QSO's in
and leave some time for others to do the same....Good Luck...
Giving a talk at the BARA meeting in NJ on February 13th - stop by and join
in the fun evening.
Dee, NB2F 

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On Tue, 2011-02-01 at 19:23 -0800, Ted wrote:
> Well, Kevin complain away...I'm the one that commented about 11 
> Meters. If you don't have a sense of humor, maybe you need another 
> hobby. After about 2 days of your absolutely terrible 'audio'/CB style 
> feedback, I could not restrain myself. Get over it. Since you were 
> obviously duplex and aware of your condition, you should have stayed off
the air until you fixed it!
> So, with that said, I need your grid and you need mine, so see you on 
> SO-67 in a bit.
> 73, Ted, K7TRK

Without giving a callsign?  Well, two things spring to mind - a) you're
breaking the terms of your licence, and b) chicken!

Don't say stuff on air - or online - that you wouldn't say to someone's
face.  And don't jam repeaters and satellites with puerile crap like that,

Gordon MM0YEQ

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