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Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
Tue Feb 1 19:23:58 PST 2011

Well, Kevin complain away...I'm the one that commented about 11 Meters. If
you don't have a sense of humor, maybe you need another hobby. After about 2
days of your absolutely terrible 'audio'/CB style feedback, I could not
restrain myself. Get over it. Since you were obviously duplex and aware of
your condition, you should have stayed off the air until you fixed it! 

So, with that said, I need your grid and you need mine, so see you on SO-67
in a bit.

73, Ted, K7TRK

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      Hello alll,
I would just like to see if there was anyone that would like to comment on
someones childish coments over the air on the AO-51 this weekend. Being new
at this I did have some feedback on my transmissions. I corrected the
problem with some headphones. I am saying flat out that the "CH19 few
channels down" and "11 Meters check in now" and " get a real radio" were
unprofessional and certainly uncalled for. I doubt that the person making
these comments will step up now, I just wanted to see if anyone had the guts
to comment on this. I know that others heard this. The person guilty of this
childish behaviour, at the time stated "Hey ----- So-67 in 4 hours"  I was
on that pass and made a couple contacts, but do to the different audio was
unable to identify this child. I did hear some dead keys, may or may not
have been directed towards me.
This kind of thing is unacceptable to me and if I get the call sign of
anyone doing these things I will report it.
Kevin S. Deane
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