Farrell Winder fwinder at fuse.net
Fri Dec 30 10:45:07 PST 2011

    I am most pleased to advise that ARISSat-1/ RADIOSKAF-V/ KEDR is very much alive and giving an excellent performance through the 475.750/145.930 MHz TRANSPONDER.  On the 17:54Z pass over Cincinnati today December 30, I sent and copied my picture. Picture was my ATV call ID used for fast scan.  Picture came through all together but does have noise, particularly in the last half.  I will send it to the ARISS SSTV Gallery for consideration to post.  I hope others will also experiment with  CW, voice, and  SSTV via the Transponder.  
Farrell Winder, W8ZCF
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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