[amsat-bb] G5400 azimuth rotor - Can I install G5600 limit switches?

Mike N8MR n8mr at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 29 19:18:32 PST 2011

I just bought a used (originally purchased in 1996) G5400 az/el rotor combo for my local radio club. The rotors are in great shape. In fact the az rotor is still in its original wrapping! 

Years ago and at another club, I got used to their G5600 rotors, which had limit switches in both the elevation and azimuth rotors. These limit switches provided great protection from us neophyte sat ops accidentally jamming the rotors against their stops. 

>From past postings on AMSAT-BB, I take it the main difference between the G5400 and the G5600 rotors is that the G5400 uses a thermal switch instead of limit switches in the G5400 az rotor. I'm not sure if I can trust the thermal switch setup as much as I did the limit switches. If limit switches are truly a better safeguard against rotor damage, can I simply add G5600 limit switches to the G5400 az rotor? 

I know I'd have to install the motor start cap in the controller. Just wondering about the limit switches. 

Mike, N8MR


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