[amsat-bb] Looking for Simple SDR schematics for homebrew

Raidel Abreu Espinet cl2esp at frcuba.co.cu
Fri Dec 16 08:06:27 PST 2011

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a simple and easy to build schematics for a SDR reciever
in a fixed frequency of 10.7MHz because I am looking to feed it with my
reciever 10.7 IF output. I search a little over internet and found a lot
of very complex design and the easier ones are by kits offereds for sale
which cannot be deliver via postal mail due my local customs regulations.
So I'm looking for something simple and easy to build with not too exotic
components. If someone have some advice and recommendations, please send
me an e-mail.

Also if some of you know about a cheap for sale kit which is currently on
stock with a really fast and short deliver time let me know, I have a
friend visiting some relatives, and he is returning in the next few days.



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