[amsat-bb] AI participation at HFI 2011

Nitin Muttin vu3tyg at yahoo.co.in
Thu Dec 15 00:24:41 PST 2011

AMSAT INDIA had setup a booth at Hamfest India  held on Dec 10th and 11th 2011 at Cochin. The hamfest was a great success with ~900 delegates and many visited the AMSAT INDIA booth and I have recieved positive unsolicited feedback from many delegates. We had displayed the below at the booth.
1.      Transponder–  Ganesan KJ6LRR displayed U/V linear transponder,cubesat comm system and his other projects.
2.      Satellite Tracking and antenna orientation -  Mani VU2WMY and Balaji VU3PZA displayed  satellite tracking and antenna positioning using Yaesu G5500 rotator with two HB9CV (2meter) antenna for reference only. They also had a FT 847 to demo auto Doppler correction. 
3.      Antennas for LEO satellites -  One  70 Cms egg beater antenna, Double cross , 70 cms Slim Jim and QFH for 137 MHz were displayed.  Ramesh VU2RMS and Ravi VU2RVJ managed this at the booth. 
4.      Telemetry Decoding- Simulated demo of telemetry decoding from Amateur radio satellites and also demo the same using Funcube dongle. Nitin VU3TYG and Somu VU3HCJ managed this at the booth.
5.      Distribution of Goodies- One sticker (containing AMSAT INDIA logo and HAMSAT Image). We also conducted a Quiz in which a recorded satellite QSO was required to be heard by paticipants and the questions answered, winner was picked by lucky draw and a brass PSLV rocket (scale model) was presented.
6. Ramesh VU2RMS   got a book printed on "working the amateur radio satellites" and this was made available at a heavily discounted price.
We also had a one hour technical talk during the technical session and the presenters spoke on various topics like satellite tracking , antennas , telemetry decoding etc.
I would like to place on record our appreciation to the HFI 2011 organizing committe for all their help and warm hospitality during our stay at Cochin, special thanks to Girish VU2KGB (AI life member) who personally ensured that we were comfortable and AI President Ramesh VU2RMS for all the help to make this a grand success. 
Great team work by the AMSAT INDIA team comprising of Ramesh VU2RMS, Mani VU2WMY, Ravi VU2RVJ, Somu VU3HCJ, Ganesan KJ6LRR, Balaji VU3PZA who worked hard to get the materials ready for the booth and foils for the technical talk.
Some photos taken by VU3SOH  of the event and the AI booth can be viewed at https://picasaweb.google.com/106446396333396507000/HFI2011FirstDay?feat=email and by VU2YNS at https://picasaweb.google.com/110214972693892202781/HAMFEST2011?authkey=Gv1sRgCNbd2prgzcmhRg#
Nitin [VU3TYG]

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