[amsat-bb] Things

WILLIAMS MICHAEL k9qho6762 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 12 09:43:53 PST 2011

Having learned my lesson, I try to keep my comments to the technical issues, but here goes.

Has anyone been able to copy AUBIE? If so, tell me how you do it.

I want to publicly thank Ed Long for his job as AMSAT Journal Editor. His guidance sure made things easy for article submissions. 

Delfi-n3Xt is good news. The linear transponder on the non-battery Delfi-C3 worked well until its failure. I still download packets from its scientific mode as it has excellent signals on 145.870. The JAVA based software is easy to load up and run needing only an audio link from the radio to a computer sound card. Hopefully n3Xt's design has a fail safe circuit so the battery won't take it down like so many, and it will operate on solar just like C3 and AO7.

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Mike (K9QHO)

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