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> Was wondering something, being  rather new  at  all this.....
> Worked someone  last week  on AO 7  but mostly I just hear myself.
> So I am convinced  that the bird  and I are in fact functional.
> I've listened, tuned around, and threw out my call,  where is  everyone?
> For example this early A.M. pass over NY.   I heard myself pretty good.
> Tuned around...   heard no one.
> Now and then  just using this  particular bird as  an example, I've
> convinced myself  I am going  thru the bird normally but  in the  recent
> past also nothing...
> Just wondering,  perhaps  I am missing  something?

Hi Myles, N2EHG

We have missed many satellite CW and SSB operators and got many
on FM with HT and arrow antennas .

> Going to Dayton '12  It will get better with
> more support!
> Myles Dav   Landstein
> myles.landstein at gmail.com

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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