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On December 07, 2011 10:31 PM "Ernie Howard" ,  W8EH writes:

> Wyatt,
>  < snip>

> The only other solution (as your local ham friend suggested) would be to
> get a stopband filter(blocking 144 to 148), and have your neighbor place
> it in between his antenna and TV amplifier. The problem is that these
> type of special filters are not cheap. And the neighbor might blame you
> if something happened to his TV..... ICE has a filter for this
> application. Not sure if they are still in production.

> http://www.iceradioproducts.com/filtersrf.html
> Ernie W8EH
Hi Ernie, W8EH

I agree with you that the neighbor might blame you if something 
happened to his TV but if they are not against Wyatt's technical
intervention he can try the following stopband filter  (blocking 
144 to 148), placed just at the TV antenna input or just at the
input of the amplified splitter if necessary.


I have just received this advice from James ,VK6FJA that I agree
because of my previous experience in solving my TVI problems in
HF and VHF in cooperation with the neighbor in my condo.

This 144 MHz Stop-Band TVI  Filter is based on a QST article found
online and is easy to be duplicated and tuned without special instruments
as shown in Fig-2 of the above QST article. 

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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