[amsat-bb] IC 910H Hints?

Joe Batty jbat at rocketmail.com
Wed Dec 7 14:31:15 PST 2011

Hi Folks,
I'm trying to learn all the little ins and outs of the IC 910H that I've had for a short time. Is there an active station in the Portland, OR or Beaverton, Hillsboro area that has this radio that I can communicate with to help learn some little hints and quirks for it's operation. Especially when it comes to using SatPC32 and the LVB Tracker interface. It's all working, but I'd really like to become a lot more efficient with the radio, software and the protocol. I don't hink I'm being very efficient with either the radio and software.
Being a newbie to Sats I'd really like to get the operating procedures down like I know what I'm doing. hihi
Thank so much to all the Amsat folks, Dee especially, and have a great holiday.
Also, a very honorable thank you to those surviving Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7th 1941. A very special day indeed for our real hero's.
73  Joe KT7E
from the great wet Pacific North West

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