[amsat-bb] Re: Two Meter TV Interference

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 6 21:55:06 PST 2011

It is your neighbor's sub-par electronics that are not properly filtered/insulated. But no one wants to hear that they need to purchase 
a new audio-visual system so a neighbor can play with amateur radio ... (grin)

This is one of our greatest "public relations" problems with the hobby: Educating non-hams as to what we are doing, why it might cause 
interference in their setups, and why we like ugly antennas ...

First - 50W for '50 and '27 is ridiculously high power. You are crippling yourself with sub-par antennas for working the LEOs. I mean, a
fifteen dollar tape measure beam and a single Watt gets the job done. 

If you insist upon this inefficient setup, then you have a couple choices ...

1. Do not operate when your neighbor may be watching TV.

2. Move your car a couple blocks away, if your neighbor may be watching TV.

3. And this is the most exciting alternative: Invite your neighbors over for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate - about 15 minutes before 
a pass of '50 or '27. Show them your setup. Show them a couple ham magazines. Tell them about amateur radio in your community, 
and how your local municipality has included amateur radio in the area's emergency plans. Gently educate them to the fact that when 
an emergency hits the region, it is ham radio that will be assisting the authorities as things get back to normal. THEN, take 'em out 
to your car, and start working the satellite. "And about 600 miles away is a little cube this big (hold your hands out about 25cm wide) 
and listen - we're going to talk THROUGH IT!"

Do not laugh - this tactic has worked for me, and many others. Try it - before the relationship with your neighbor deteriorates any 

Clint Bradford

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