[amsat-bb] Re: 2 Meter TV Interference

N0JY n0jy at lavabit.com
Tue Dec 6 19:48:43 PST 2011

Hi Wyatt,

How far away is your neighbor?

I TVI myself when I transmit on two meters, I have a Winlink station 
running 50W into a J-pole about 20 feet away from my TV antenna, in the 
attic.  We are on the fringe of the OTA TV coverage, so I have a high 
gain TV antenna with a preamp.  I also installed an ICE 437B filter.  It 
appears that since the two are in such close proximity and the TV 
signals are so weak, that it doesn't take much to tile the picture or 
freeze it for a moment on some of the channels.  Such is the nature of 
it.  Most of our HDTV is on UHF, but channel 8 is on channel 9 (VHF).  
Some days the TV signal is stronger, and there are no problems.  Most 
days, just the opposite.
I have no big solutions, just an observation, but you may be able to 
mitigate the problem if you move off to the side of his antenna or 
further away from his antenna, or decrease your power.
And maybe one other solution.  Fox-1 will have the uplink on 70cm, so 
that might make you both happier!


On 12/6/2011 9:17 PM, Wyatt Dirks wrote:
> The problem occurs while I am transmitting. The neighbor says that his tv receives the interference in that the picture is disturbed and sometimes cuts out completely. He is getting his tv from hdtv over the air. He has an antenna in the attic that goes to a powered splitter which then goes to several tvs. That is about all i know on his setup but I do know that if he cuts the power to the splitter he receives nothing. Also the problem seems to be on every channel.

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